Massal selection

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In order to maintain a great diversity within your parcels we offer a range of massal selections fulfilling very high sanitary standards while taking account of the needs and objectives of each vine grower.

  • Diversity
  • Quality
  • Sanitary safety


Tailor-made massal selection


The primary objective is to maintain vine plants variety within your parcels while highlighting your expertise.

Massal selection stages:

  1. Parcel selection
  2. Vine tagging
  3. Observing and commenting
  4. Sanitary checks
  5. Graft collection
  6. Propagation


Massal selection consists of tagging the best identified vine plant in regards to
their quality, regularity and moderate yields. Then a 3 years behavioral
analysis is observed. It is from these vines that we shall collect the buds for


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